Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hi Friends, Welcome to my first blog!
Well, the Election commission of India has announced tentative dates for the Indian general elections (Lok Sabha) as April 8th 2009.Since the dates are just three months away, and the main political parties are gearing up for the polls with announcements of list of candidates.

For the next two months we will see some strangeness in the ruling UPA government. After 4 yrs we will become visible to govt. To justify my statement..the ruling Congress government has already started its vote bank politics. As soon as the election dates were announced..they started giving all kind of sops to the people of India which they were doing very well for the past 60 years and mesmerising poor people! Oh gosh..60 years they were in power and still India starving in every development sector . I know development is a slow process, but 60 yrs ON and still people suffering. Anyway, its up to the Indian voters to wake up now .

For the sake of our country and our development, i plead u to think well before you vote!


  1. Firstly,
    Never allow Regional issues to decide your Lok sabha vote!

  2. Never see whether the fuel prices and daily needs have become cheaper, its always better to look whether infrastructures are developed! (fuel prices are unstable, of course u know good roads means good fuel efficiency )

  3. Look whether the leader u are going to real LEADER..who’s word is final in his party!

  4. Look whether the Govt can take bold steps (even risking the relationship with the west)on nation's interest! (Eg: War against well known terror outfits)

  5. Remember how many huge scams were suppressed! …like to name few in this ruling UPA government.. Tainted ministers, Bribe during no-confidence motion,Quattrochi extradition, Natwar Singh’s Oil for Food scam,Proved multi crore scam in Telecom ministry

  6. Beware of the party like Congress..which thinks "fight against terrorism is fight against the Islam"! Thats why vital laws like POTA were scrapped, here UPA Govt play minority politics! They are the real culprits who relate terrorism with single religion( Islam). Is favouring Islam and discounting Hindus is called secular in India? Government arranges free transport(A/C buses) till their homes for all the Hujj returns, but do Hindus get same treatment during Kasi return?

  7. Look whether the party’s Ideology is same all over the country, not like Congress which has great ties with left in one state and oppose leftism at the center while opposing LTTE at the center but support LTTE friendly govt in the state!

  8. Beware of the Party who hate their opposition parties! You would have seen the recent Manglore pub incident, where some indecorous girls hit by a mob for smoking & drinking liquor in the bar. Is this incident unusual in India? Every month this kind of(even worse) incidents happens in Mumbai. Did this Congress government ever took notice of those in the past four years? The reason to pressure and accuse Karnataka government is simple, Cos it is headed by BJP.

  9. Just before pressing the ballot button, think whether u can remember at least four proud moments of our country in the past four years ! (I CAN'T remember any except cricket but very well remember 17 MAJOR BOMB BLASTS Killing 1000's of innocent voters)
  10. Look for the government which handles terrorism mercilessly. Hope you all still remember Afzal Guru! the master mind behind Parliament attack. The so called Supreme court of India has already given him death sentence but still he is happily alive. Many martyrs who laid their lives while capturing him, have been fooled by the UPA! The reason for Afzal's mercy? Simple, he is Afzal Guru, not Ram Guru or Laxman Guru. Again UPA plays minority politics and vote bank politics!
  11. Why accuse Pakistan all time?( nothing has changed accusing them for the past 50 yrs) Dont u think 26/11 terror was a serious lapse by the intelligence agencies headed by this ineffecient UPA government?

  12. Final but important… look whether the party you going to vote for is headed by an INDIAN blood. After all its our Mother nation!

So these are my very few COGITATIONS DUTIFULLY RECORDED and

Waiting impatiently for your valuable comments:)

Jai Ho INDIA! Jai Hind!