Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Can Politics win over Education?

Colleges closed, Buses torched, Shops and offices attacked, bandhs, people immolated and assaulted. Am not talking here about the happenings in Sri Lanka , this is the current situation in Tamil Nadu! These are new cheap stunts performed by the ruling government in TN , in the name of saving the Tamil people though the war against LTTE is almost over. Government has asked all colleges in Tamil Nadu shut down for indefinite period. What’s the connection between Lankan war and 2nd yr Subramanian? This shows the real face of the political party, which is to keep people off from education, keep them illiterate and win votes! If the government is really interested in helping the Lankan Tamils why should they agitate here in Tamilnadu, when we have enough problems here already? If the government genuinely feel the guardianship for innocent Tamils do they have guts to form this human chain in the War zone (as they say 'we r ready to sacrifice for Tamils)? Nothing will happen holding banners in Mount road and holding the education of innocent students. What right does a 4 yr term government have to shut the educational institutions. Is this is the way to protest? If the government want to shut something (let them shut their mouth) why can’t they shut their party offices and show their concern. After Temples and churches educational institutions have become the next soft target for politicians. Pity politicians not aware that they will bite the sand if the students turnabout! These cheap opportunist politicians don’t know about the effect that the indefinite closure declared by the TN government will have on their academic schedules. Being a BE grad, I know how the teachers will have to race against time to complete the syllabus (will even be forced to conduct classes on holidays and weekends to make up) and in this short term how clueless students going to clamber this semester exams. Finally students (people) are the victims, sufferers and losers. Students wake up, you are used as the scapegoat by this barbaric politicians. The elections are not far away!
As far as Central Government is concerned, I feel they have no moral right to advise Sri Lanka when they are not capable of solving the inland Kashmir problem and when the genocide of innocent people continuing for decades!

When Indian government shows concerns, then this War on LTTE becomes an international issue! So when Barrack Obama can think of deputing a special envoy to Kashmir, why won’t he arrange someone for Sri Lanka and solve the Tamils' problem ? Why is savior Obama who give sermons about democracy mouth shut in this issue ?

So students it’s time to teach a hard lesson to the politicians who are trying to restrain you and your education. Never allow politicians win over your education and career.

So these are my very few COGITATIONS DUTIFULLY RECORDED and
Waiting impatiently for your valuable comments:)

Jai Hind


  1. Dear Raghav, I was unaware of this issue in your country, it is wrong for politicians to "dumb down" its own people to try to control them. I feel for your situation. I will do my best to make other Americans aware of your situation and spread the word to our American government. What hurts your country will ultimately hurt other parts of the world as well. Much love and respect to you, from "Mrs. Slug" in Oregon USA

  2. Great job dude.Though you can tone down your opinion a bit.Be a bit more diplomatic..ha ha ha.