Sunday, February 15, 2009

Remember the golden days!

After writing two blogs on the current political scenario in India, I was searching for a topic sans politics.
Last week I attended a conference arranged by a Hindu organization. (As an active member of that organization I never fail to participate in such activities). There, I was fortunate enough to have a thought provoking conversation with a RSS kar sevak, who was sitting beside me. It was a wonderful experience and I came to know about the dreams those real architects of Indian independence” have for this nation!
He was much worried about a culture which is getting destroyed day by day (No No am not talking about endangered Indian culture here, cos we very well know that it is of no use debating that topic in a country where even the government kicks of the campaign “Pub bharoLOL in a country where literacy rate is still under 60 %). Anyway coming back to our topic , here am talking about a culture which is essential, which is our lifeline I can say. hmm without which, no Hindus no Christians no Muslims can live even! The culture am talking about is nothing other than “AGRI-culture”. Yes, in a country where the Agriculture is the backbone of economy.. it is under great threat now.

I guess I don’t need to Google and show u the statistics on diminishing agriculture in our nation. We all see those impacts even in our daily life – The price of Rice (the primary stable crop of India) wheat and pulses has doubled in the past few years. The reason? “Ignorance or unawareness” I should say. This is a matter of great concern if not of shame. (We) the youngsters of today are not aware of any agricultural matters. Their intelligence and knowledge of so many subjects should not be an excuse or explanation for this poor stance. A modern day boy could not tell the difference between paddy and rice. But he can easily lecture on the plus and minus points of a Boeing and Airbus! This lack of knowledge on agriculture is even considered perfectly normal today. Some minds of “immediate gains” may argue that it is neither going to help in career prospects nor show him ways of prosperity. They may even add that it is better to fore go something like Agriculture which is not suitable anymore for living. Lets other stick to it and let us go and seek our fortune elsewhere( obviously Engg and IT)
These kind of arguments may even look fair and convincing for some of us, but looking at things with immediate gains in mind will only lead to such conclusions! Making money is must, earning fortunes is alright, Getting into new avenues is welcome. But I feel Agriculture is one of such subject which goes beyond profession. I repeat “Agriculture is one of subject which goes beyond profession”. If this scenario continues can you imagine what our next generation going to have for lunch? We all work and earn for “bread and butter” but how you really make bread and butter without crops?

I feel you -me- everyone is responsible for this crisis, we have totally abandoned the Agriculture. It was once our privilege and pleasure to hold and cultivate lands. It has something to do with tradition. Land was a symbol and emblem of elite, I can say. Apart from earnings, eating the grains cultivated from our own lands was a special and exclusive honor blessed only to some fortunate people. Moreover in the past, lands were the gifts given by the kings to Brahmins to make them live and settle in their kingdom. (According to shastras- Brahmins will never depend on anybody even on king. They cultivate their own grain and eat) But even they have brushed off Agriculture.
So we have by large, abandoned our primary or prescribed occupations. For various reasons, we have taken different occupations and diverse way of life kicking the agriculture, unaware of the consequences.
My earnest wish is to make some connection between past and present in the field of agriculture. If it is not possible to be a farmer, its okay. But that should not drive us totally from agriculture.Some bold measure has to be taken to save Agriculture and farmers,after all we are directly connected to it while we open our lunch box everyday. So i feel we should keep some identification and residuals to 'remember the old Golden Days' where our ancestors were farming and never ignore this culture!
Please have a thought on, what can be done to promote Agriculture in India!
I feel Indian corporates like TATA, Reliance must come forward, buy large hectares of land, invest and introduce new technology in this field thereby bringing another Indian green revolution. What you say?

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