Monday, March 23, 2009

Time to show our fist!

What do we do if a cockroach or a scorpion enters our house? we do not make it our pet, instead we just kill it. Likewise we have some pests entering our country. And now i want to clean it!
But who am I?
hmm,I am just a stupid common man who is wanting to clean his house, I mean country. I am someone who is afraid to get into a bus or train these days. I am someone whose wife and mom pray on every time I step out of my house as like I am going for a war, while I am actually going to my work! She is afraid that I might not return, she calls every two hours to find if I had my tea, if I had my lunch. But actually she wants to find out whether I am still alive.
I am someone who sometimes gets stuck in a rain or in a blast. I am someone who suspects the person carrying a rosary. I am someone who suspects any abandoned luggage or any beard man in bus stop. If I open a shop am afraid to choose a god’s name, as someone might burn it during any communal riot. No matter which two parties fighting, I am the first one to be killed. Am very much true, this is the current scenario in our country. Everyone is feeling insecure these days,to step out of the house. Do you want to live a life and die every moment of it in fear? They will keep on killing us until we learn to give a solid reply! We the INDIANS ARE RESILIENT BY FORCE, NOT BY CHOICE! Do you think those people called "terrorists" who kill us are wiser than us? Just type “bomb” in any Internet searches and you will get, hundreds of websites showing you how to make them. All the information is accessible and that too for free!
The problem with us is that we got used to all these atrocities. If one bomb blasts occurs say recent Mumbai blasts, we watch it on all the news channels. We send SMSs and we call up people and find whether they are safe and become happy if they are safe. Then, instead of fighting against the situation we start to adjust with it. Ya it is true we have our compulsions; we have to maintain a family but that is why we appoint a government to run this nation, believing that they will carry out this pest control. But do you think this government doing this job effectively? Certainly not. Instead they are just supporting their cause by not doing anything stringent.This government do want to make the whole country into Kashmir, where bomb blast is as common as Kashmir roses. Remember how many convicts are still happily alive, in spite of courts judgment to hang them. Why is this government not kicking them in the butt? It takes at least 10 years to prove a person guilty. Don’t you think this is a question mark on this government’s ability? All this should stop. This whole bloody system is flawed. Tell this useless government in a single voice “If you don’t clean up this mess, then we the common man will have to do something about it”.
Moreover I feel bomb blast happened in Mumbai, Ahmadabad, Delhi, so on.. are not just a terrorist activity, but it was a question. The question was ,we are going to keep killing you and what can you do? Yes they have asked us this question. It is just left to us how and when we are going to respond to this simple question. All these may look like a movie dialogue but I feel it is true. And these are very much relevant to the current Indian political scenario. People! we need someone, some leader to take bold steps in the future at least, who won’t hesitate to hang a convict, irrespective of his religion and minority, majority, vote bank politics. All we need is this, at least next year when our child goes out; he should travel without fear on buses, trains or anywhere else.
Enough Indians! Wake up, enough sleeping for 60 years under one inefficient government. We are not just a common man anymore or at least for next couple of months. So don’t just eat, live and die like a common man. The election has come. And we got a wand, to change your future, my future and fortune of this sacred mother nation. I very much hope that the wand in our hands will also teach this inefficient UPA government a hard lesson. So let us bring a change in our political system and governance to bring back the golden age of safe and respectful India with a determined leader and decisive government!
So It is a high time to ignore the "hand" which was covering our eyes for the past 60years, and take the flowers to make our country blossom like a "lotus"!
Jai Hind.

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